Thursday, October 26, 2006

The more you try to erase him, the more that he appears

  1. 1) The Eraser
    2) Analyse
    3) The Clock
    4) Black Swan
    5) Skip Divided
    6) Atoms For Peace
    7) And It Rained All Night
    8) Harrowdown Hill
    9) Cymbal Rush

A tre anni dall'uscita di Hail To The Thief, Thom York pubblica il suo primo album senza Radiohead pur affidandosi sempre al produttore Nigel Godrich. Il risultato è un album bellissimo le cui canzoni rimandano alle atmosfere elettroniche degli ultimi Radiohead, ma maggiormente minimaliste dal punto di vista degli arrangiamenti e dei virtuosismi vocali di Thom. Quarantacinque minuti di musica eccezionale per quello che è, a mio avviso, il disco più interessante del 2006. Da segnalare la presenza di Jonny Greenwood come musicista ospite e la splendida cover del disco disegnata da Stanley Donwood di cui posto qui sotto due foto:

"Front Cover"

"Back Cover"



Anonymous said...

hey, i love this album!! i wish i could understand u...

anyway, i think this one is the best electric that i've ever heard, i just love it, it has many deep meanings inside, not just the sophisocated beats....!

Weltall said...

Post translation:
"After three years from Hail to the Thief, it's time for Thom Yorke first solo album, produced by Nigel Godrich like the previous Radiohead albums. Its sounds reminds me some electronic atmospheres like Kid A or Amnesiac.Jonny Greenwood appears as guest musician."
It was a birthday gift and I think is the most interesting album of 2006. Thom Yorke is a genius, he write always beautiful lyrics. I can't say what are my favorites 'cause I really love the whole album ^________^

Anonymous said...

yeah he's a genius!!! i hope i can make something like his......ha

Weltall said...

And what do you think about Stanlay Donwood's drawing used for the cover?
It's so "apocalyptic"...and great!

Evan Wu said...

i love that, i always like the covers which are fulled of creative and cool ideas. coz you know, some albums(especially the pop alboms) have covers are just the pics of the singers, i don't like that, sometimes that's just knid of stupid and "creativeless".

and the cover of "the eraser" is just match with the album!!!!! ha (really, apocalyptic, like 1984...XD)